• Who: Chris Lindgren, PhD Candidate in the Rhetoric and Scientific and Technical Communication program in the Writing Studies department at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities.
  • Specialties: Computer programming as writing; Literacies; Rhetoric and technology; Embodied and distributed cognition
  • Research: I study writing and its materialities. My research examines how writing and texts support human activity, understanding, and the capacity to reflect, analyze, and respond. I'm currently working on my dissertation research, which situates computer programming as a writing activity. I conducted an ethnographic case-study of a web developer who works in a newsroom with editors and reporters. My inquiry focuses on how this developer's coding communicates and contributes to the objectives and motives within his journalistic context: developing data-driven, visually interactive news stories.
  • Portfolio: My past research appears in edited collections, such as Strategic Discourse: The Politics of (New) Literacy Crises and the Rhetoric and Digital Humanities. You can see more of my projects in my portfolio below or my CV.
  • For Fun: I enjoy cycling around my current home in the Twin Cities (Minneapolis & St. Paul, MN) area and finding good coffee and donut shops. I'm happy to say that the this area's great for all of these things.
  • Contact: lindg250 [at] umn [dot] edu.


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